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If you wear a hijab, niqab or even burqa, don’t expect me to take you seriously if you tell me how free and liberated you are.

"I’m going to withhold giving you the respect you deserve because I disagree your choice of dress, most likely because I’m an ethnocentrist, an Islamophobe, and an imperialist."

That translation is on point




Some of the most striking images to surface during the Zionist assault on, and siege of, Lebanon in 2006 were a set of photographs showing Israeli children writing messages on munitions that were to be dropped on civilian areas housing children like themselves. 

This was debunked. It was published by Hamas using their own children and on stockpiles intended for Tel Aviv. It was debunked in 2006.

Uh no it was not “debunked”.

You obviously don’t know shit though, because Hamas is Palestinian if you want to maybe fool people say Hezbollah next time just a tip.

Silicon Valley gives me the type of stress that only a female software engineer can truly understand.

You’re faker than blue-eyed crackers nailed to a crucifix

Immortal Technique (via thehedron)